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Female , 35 , seeking Male
calgary, AB
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rejigulator > pinkywinky123: Hello dear...I find it amazing how many a-hole scammers think thank (if you were actually REAL) Think that a beauty like this girl in this ,,No Doubt Stolen Picture ,,,,Would Ever marry them ...Fucking Hilarious...Or that this girl in the picture would EVER,,Ever need a dating site...JIM
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David556 > pinkywinky123: Hw you dear
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amine2147 > pinkywinky123: hello I'm from algeria and I like you so much We can develop our relationship
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roland82 > pinkywinky123:
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roland82 > pinkywinky123: Hello! I am single and without children. I am 35 years old and I would like to marry you. My email is rolandz521 at gmail dot com. I am waiting for some news from you. Kisses!
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